Friday, May 16, 2008

The Blog is Back!

Shockingly, I have readers!  A few people have actually asked me when I’m putting something fresh on my blog.  Now that our contract is ratified, and the 7th grade research papers have been read, I have no other excuses.

While I’ve been busily diverted, I’ve been thinking about how I want this blog to function.  I’m actually hoping that it serves as a forum with multiple participants on public education issues.  In other words, I’ll float a topic idea, then give folks a few days to think and comment, sharing experiences and opinions with each other. Also, feel free to propose topics for future blogs.

I’m developing a series of future topics.  Please e-mail me ( if you have a knee-jerk reaction for any of these ideas.  One of the ideas I’m working on is what should a Teachers’ Union be working on after the contract has been ratified for the year.  For another piece, I’m worried about the impact that the Federal Government’s ICE immigration raids in our schools will have on whether children attend class.  

I’m also thinking about the role that schools should play as the center of a community as keepers of culture, which might become a critique on cultural relativism.  In other words, I’ve heard arguments recently that we ought to just look the other way when black kids use the “n-word” while talking to their friends on campus.  Funny how none of the black teachers agreed with that viewpoint.


Meanwhile, I’d like to divert your attention to three links.

Raleigh McLemore sent me a connect to the Educator’s Roundtable comment on “closing the achievement gap:


Tammy Johnson sent me Chela DelGado’s comments about testing:


Gina sent me a piece from about the ICE folks using a school’s database to get information which would help them in immigration raids.