Sunday, May 8, 2011

California's 37% Majority. (Apparently in need of a math coach)

It Comes Down to Four Votes

California law requires that two-thirds of both houses of the State Legislature must vote to approve new state revenues. Republican legislators, who represent 37% of California’s districts, have taken a vow of no-taxes. To pass a responsible budget which extends existing taxes, two Republicans in each house must vote along with the Democratic majority.

The following State Legislators are moderate Republicans who may change their position if they hear from enough of us. Please write as many postcards as you can. Thank You!

Assemblymember Bill Berryhill

3141 State Capitol,

California 95814-0026

Assemblymember Jeff Gorell

4208 State Capitol,

California 94249-0037

Assemblymember Diane Harkey

6027 State Capitol,

California 95814-0073

Assemblymember Mike Morrell

4102 State Capitol,

California 94249-0063

Assemblymember Jim Nielsen

6031 State Capitol,

California 94249-0002

Assemblymember Chris Norby

4116 State Capitol,

California 95814-0072

Assemblymember Cameron Smyth

4098 State Capitol,

California 95814-0038

Senator Tom Berryhill

3076 State Capitol,

California 95814

Senator Anthony Cannella

3048 State Capitol,

California 95814

Senator Robert Dutton

305 State Capitol,

California 95814

Senator Bill Emmerson

4082 State Capitol,

California 95814

Senator Tom Harmon

5094 State Capitol,

California 95814

Senator Robert Huff

5097 State Capitol,

California 95814

A Sample Postcard / Letter to State Legislators

“Dear _______________________,

As an educator, I am writing to urge you to support the governor’s budget proposal that would protect schools and other vital services. I am also asking you to vote for an extension of the existing temporary state taxes to provide desperately needed funding or at the very least, give voters a chance to decide.”

(Highlight one or two issues here. You may borrow from the list, or write about your own experience about the cuts our schools have faced.)

• K-12 schools and colleges have already been cut more than $20 Billion over the last three years -- $1,900 per K-12 student.

• Class sizes are soaring, programs are disappearing and entire school years are shrinking in many school districts.

• More than 30,000 educators and 10,000 other school employees have been laid off over the past 3 years.

• The governor’s plan to extend temporary taxes for five years will help prevent further cuts to school, public safety, health and other vital state programs.

• Without an extension of current revenues, public schools and colleges will lose at least $2.3 Billion more.

• The overwhelming majority of Californians have indicated they are willing to pay more in taxes to avoid deeper cuts to our schools.

“The sacrifices that our kids would have to face with an all cuts budget are simply too severe.